what is twnty something?

With media on the rise, teenage girls are constantly bombarded with the message that being beautiful is based on your physical appearance. Girls also feel the pressure of wanting to fit in, whether that be in their friendship circles or feeling like they need to conform to the expectations that boys place on them. This has left teenage girls feeling confused and unsure of who they really are and what they really want in today’s world! 

......This is why Twnty Something is here.

Twnty Something is an initiative to ignite the light in teenage girls by redefining what true beauty is. Girls will learn to build their inner confidence and resilience from the external pressures that media and people place on them. Twnty Something will help young girls to find their true selves and in turn will create an incredible launch pad for their Twnty Somethings. 

That sounds great..but how do you spread the word? 

Great question! We spread the word by doing the following: 

1.  Running our signature one day event, FLOURISH across Australia which focuses on building inner confidence and resilience in teenage girls.

2.  Speaking at schools

3.  Creating empowering content through our Instagram and Snapchat (@twntysomething) platforms to remind girls daily to be their true selves! 

Want to know how we can speak to your teenage girls? 

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