What's your love language?

Do you ever feel frustrated that your partner doesn’t notice the love you give them? Or do you feel frustrated cause your partner isn’t giving you the kind of love you want?

Even though love is this simple four letter word,  it’s way more complicated to understand! There are so many meanings attached to how people give and receive love!

That’s why I chat about what YOU and your partner can do to figure out what your love language is!..seriously THIS was a game changer for me!!! 

Even if you’re single this doesn’t disqualify you - find out your own love language, and find out what  your friends and colleagues are too!..Because we need to remember to love one another above all else! Xx


*Shout out to the amazing crew at One Roof Australia for letting me use their space to shoot this video. If you're wanting to work in an amazing, female centric co working and event space check them out

Mandy Kota