The Battlefield of Finding Work

Didn't make it through the interview process? Don't have the 3+ years of experience?

The struggle of finding work is real people, and that’s why I want to talk about how we SHOULD look for work. 

Is your mindset holding you back? Find out what kind of mindset you have by clicking here 

Music Credits: Zion (Interlude) by Hillsong

What's your love language?

Do you ever feel frustrated that your partner doesn’t notice the love you give them? Or do you feel frustrated cause your partner isn’t giving you the kind of love you want?

Even though love is this simple four letter word,  it’s way more complicated to understand! There are so many meanings attached to how people give and receive love!

That’s why I chat about what YOU and your partner can do to figure out what your love language is!..seriously THIS was a game changer for me!!! 

Even if you’re single this doesn’t disqualify you - find out your own love language, and find out what  your friends and colleagues are too!..Because we need to remember to love one another above all else! Xx


*Shout out to the amazing crew at One Roof Australia for letting me use their space to shoot this video. If you're wanting to work in an amazing, female centric co working and event space check them out


Did you know that 44% of women feel unattractive without make up on. 

It's time to re-define what true beauty is. It's time to come together and take part in the #MakeUpDoesntMakeMeChallenge (super long hashtag i know but, its way too catchy not to do it!) 

This is a movement for women to know that make up doesnt define how beautiful and confident they are! How can you get involved? 

1. Take a selfie with no make up on and post it in all social media platforms

2. Say you're taking part in the challenge and say why you're doing it! 

3. Nominate two other friends to do it too - and make sure they actually do it! 

Let's do this together and spread the message of true beauty! xx 

Are you going to step up or stand back?

I find that as women we can really value what others may think about us. When I mean by 'really', I mean maybe a little bit too much. We can get so worried about being seen that we decide to just settle where we are and also cause it's less daunting.

Here I chat about what you can do to figure out whether you want to stand back on the sideline or whether you're ready to step out of that life that is just not you and step into something new

What Instagram filter should I use?

What instagram filter should I use? What outfit should I wear tonight? 

These are just some of the questions we can find ourselves asking time and time again! We can spend SOO much of our time and energy on our looks that we lose sight of what really matters!

Here I chat about re-shifting our time and energy!!  

Let's get real about relationships

No better place to talk about love than in the city of love - ROME! 

Is he good looking? Does he have lots of money? I find that girls can sometimes focus on the wrong things when it comes to the dating scene! 

Here I chat about what to look out for to find an amazing partner and how to be in a healthy relationship! 

Don't work your worth

From the wise words of Rihanna - "work, work, work, work, work" 

We live in a culture where what we do has become who we are! We've become so busy with the hustle and bustle of our professions that we forget who we really are! 

Here I chat about what we can do to make sure we don't work for our worth! 

*Awkward - my last words in this video got cut off but I was going to finish off my saying "discover who you really are!"

How many Instagram likes does it take to like yourself?

Hmm..this is definitely a question we can ponder on! We have gotten SO sucked into the social media world that we've started to become obsessed with the number of likes we get on a photo! 

Here I chat about the toxic world of social media and tips on how we can make the most of our time rather than scrolling down our news feed! 

Live from grace not grudges

Have you been treated badly by a guy before? So bad that you just couldn't move on?

Here I chat about what we can do to get back on our feet again, move on and continue live and love others wholeheartedly